Unstoppable; Join our Inner Circle of monthly givers paying tribute to Rachel Imeinu’s unbroken chesed and reap the reward of her never-ending prayers.

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“Rachel cries for her children. She refuses to be consoled.”
Jeremiah, 31:14
The Inner Circle is a passionate community of monthly givers on a mission to sustain the legacy of Rachel Imeinu. Like you, they feel bound by the promises of the past – and are witness to untold miracles from the unrelenting prayers of our Mother in Heaven.
Your monthly donation sustains prayer services at Rachel’s Tomb, gives you access to Rachel’s unique prayers and gives orphans the chance to build a thriving future.
join the inner circle
“There is hope for your future.”
Jeremiah, 31:16

Day after day, our prayers will not cease until you’ve merited the miracles you’re waiting for.

When you commit to a monthly partnership, you get more than you give. Your monthly donation entitles you to:
Daily prayers for your family’s needs.
Entire Tehillim recited on your behalf.
40 consecutive days of intense prayer.
Kaddish recited in honor of a loved one.
A candle lit in your merit, or in memory of a loved one.
join the inner circle