Local Directions

Rachel’s Tomb is situated only a short drive from the Israeli Capital of Jerusalem. Buses and private vehicles are allowed to pass between the thick concrete barriers that lead directly to the Tomb of Rachel. Large groups should coordinate their visit in advance with local Israeli security forces. Individual visitors can access the Tomb of Rachel from Checkpoint 300 after being approved for entry.


Visitor Testimonials

“Kever Rachel is a place to go and cry your heart out to a mother who is always listening, as a place to pray for all your dreams, hopes, and aspirations.”
— sarah r.
“A place for prayer in the presence of the holy Rachel Imenu. You’ll see folks from every part of the world and every walk of life join together peacefully to show respect to this special site.”
— david l.
“This is holy ground which has thousands upon thousands of people from all over the world coming to pray. It is a must for anyone who has any kind of feeling for Judaism.”
— kayla p.
“In a sense, it is crazy to think that one of the Matriarchs is right in front of you. You feel the closeness when you are there. Seems like everyone connects to Mama Rachel.”
— Alexander W.
“It’s amazing to see people from all walks of life, who would regularly not come together, all praying to the same God. Really inspiring.”
— Debbie H.
“Honestly, it’s just amazing to stand there and see people completely engrossed in prayer and thought. Kever Rachel is a holy escape from the turbulent outside world.”
— Gabby J.

Hours of Operation

The Tomb of Rachel is technically open 24 hours, with the exception of Saturday, when it is closed for the Sabbath. However, due to the evolving security situation, The Tomb of Rachel may be closed at certain times. It is best to confirm scheduling by visiting the EGGED BUS website for detailed departures and arrival times.

Suggested Prayers

For millennia, Jews have traditionally turned to Sefer Tehillim, also known as The Psalms, for general success, for protection against enemies, and for recovery from illness. King David composed many of the chapters of Psalms to draw himself closer to God.

It has since become customary for those praying at Kever Rachel to recite the following Psalms: 16, 18, 28, 33, 46, 72, 85, 104, 121, 130

Download Psalms Download Prayer

Tomb Guidelines

While all visitors are welcome at Kever Rachel, there are a number of suggested guidelines to follow while visiting, as a show of respect for this holy site.

The site has a separate section for men and women to pray and congregate, and men and women are seated on either side of the tomb.
Men should cover their heads with a Kippah / Yarmulke (there is generally a supply of head coverings at the door) and avoid dressing with flashy or inappropriate clothing choices.
The majority of people visiting Kever Rachel view this experience as a solemn event, and a measure of dignified respect should be shown to those praying around you.
Women should dress conservatively, avoiding sheer fabrics and dresses above the knee. If outfits are low-cut or sleeveless, a jacket can be used to cover the neckline, collarbone, shoulder, and elbow areas.

Bus Schedule

Rachel’s Tomb is located along the Israel-West Bank border, just a mile south of Jerusalem city limits, and it is highly recommended that you use public transportation. There are multiple buses that leave daily from the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem, and you may click on the link below to visit the EGGED BUS website for detailed departures and arrival times.